After a round of bee venom therapy last year I wanted to believe I was done with Lyme. Or at least done with the active disease process of it. I’d found some supplements that seemed to help with symptoms and I thought if I could just get my thyroid under control things could be good. At least good enough for me to make an attempt at returning to work.

Then I went through a number of very stressful events. During this period I had my usual daily symptoms, with a few new ones here and there. At long last dealing with the most recent crisis came to an end and although it took everything I had, I made it through it.

The very next day I woke up with severe tooth pain on my left side. It was very similar to pain I experienced 2 years ago when one of my molars erupted. I had to have it extracted, and then I developed TMJ.

I went to the dentist and he said the tooth is dying and it needs a root canal. I don’t have money for a root canal so my only treatment option is extraction. He gave me amoxicillin to help with the infection. I took it religiously for about four days and finally the gut wrenching pain began to subside. Prior to that, the pain had spread up along the side of my head, all along the left side of my face into my sinuses, and down into the left side of my neck and shoulder, where I almost always have pain. The pain was so severe I had to take Vicodin around the clock to deal with it.

But I also noticed something else when I started taking the antibiotics. I became severely exhausted. My brain became extremely foggy. The hissing in my ears increased, and so did my anxiety. The symptoms were so severe that I was basically bed bound.

Then I began to recognize the feelings I was experiencing as being similar to the die-off I experienced when I was being treated for Lyme with Doxy and other antibiotics. I did some research online and saw that Amoxicillin is indeed a Lyme killer. The feelings I experience as a result of die-off are too much for me. That’s why I gave up taking antibiotics over a year ago.

So now I am wondering if this is Lyme in my jaw (of course it probably is). I’m wondering if I can kill it off and save my tooth. I swore I would never go back on antibiotics again for Lyme. If I had some bees around I would sting my jaw.

As I write this my bad tooth is beginning to throb, like the beat of a drum in the distance. I know about cavitations. Cavitations are for people with resources of which I have very little. I think it’s possible that I would rather limp along at 50% than endure another treatment with antibiotics.


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