Photo on 11-30-14 at 9.49 AMI don’t generally kill beings, and this includes microscopic ones. I relocate spiders, ants, and even fruit flies. Some other examples are scorpions, black widows, brown recluse spiders, cockroaches the size of a thumb and three-inch long centipedes. I put them in a plastic container and I shake it a little bit like a ride at the county fair. It keeps ’em from climbing up the sides and getting near my hand at which point I would start screaming hysterically and drop the container, thus defeating my purpose. I’m not a saint. I just don’t kill without good reason. I’ve had to draw the line though, on creatures that are attempting to harm me, like a mosquito stalker or flea invasion. Or a worm living in my cats intestine. I went after one of those recently with a furor only seen prior in an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

And now, beginning either tomorrow or tonight, I am going to start killing off some spirochete mother fuckers. I’ve taken my biofilm busters for a few days making sure that the Spiro’s will be unprepared to protect themselves from the onslaught. I’ve survived killing off a lot of Candida, which made me feel like I was dying. I cleaned up my diet. I’ve taken handfuls of supplements and herbal tinctures attempting to stimulate my adrenal glands and my liver. I’m pooping. I’ve attempted to get my thyroid hormones in balance which is more like a moving target. So I am prepared for whatever these little greenies want to put out. I expect to be sick, get the Herxie Jerxies, and I have no illusions that this is going to be easy.

Lyme has taught me so much. Lyme initiated a journey that has led me back to my true self. I wouldn’t change the path that I have been on because it has given me back my life. And by the way, I’m not well. I wake up daily with the pain, the brain fog, the cognitive deficits, the mood swings. The death camp fatigue. But spiritually I have never been more on task. So thank you, Spirochetes, for all that you’ve given me. I value the lessons and hope that I have learned everything I need to learn so that I can move forward without you colonizing my body.

Have a toast with me, won’t you? As I take my first dose of Doxycycline, aka The Terminator.

Bottoms up!


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