I awoke this morning to find a key beside my bed. It was an old-fashioned key, much larger than modern-day keys, and heavy. Attached was a note that read: “This is the key to the memories of the first eight years of your life. You may use it if you choose. This key is only valid for 24 hours.” At the bottom in very small print it read: “User is responsible for all consequences related to key use. Common side effects include visions of fire and brimstone, revelation,* and death. There will be no one to report these side effects to. There have been rare occurrences of apocalypse. Notify yourself if you have experienced trauma or your parents experienced trauma. People who have been traumatized are more likely to experience prolonged purgatorial states. If your purgatory is prolonged (longer than twenty-four years), there will be no one to report that to.

*very rare spontaneous remissions of diseased states have been reported.

Instantly I was filled with anxiety at the prospect of having to make such a difficult decision. “What do I do, what do I do, what do I do?” I thought as I paced about my rat maze of an apartment. I decided to write a pro/con list. Couldn’t stay focused. Who did I have to consider in this decision? My son? My partner? What if I didn’t make it back? Somehow I knew that I would. Something has been looking out for me for a very long time. Something like that Baymax character in the movie Big Hero 6. I thought about calling friends that would give me good solid advice. The ones I have that I know don’t think I’m crazy. I have such good friends.

Would using the key be different from ending my life, as I had so often considered? I picked up the key with my hand tightly held to this indescribable thing that I noticed lately is more and more making its presence known. This “Baymax-like” character. Together we moved shakily down the corridor towards the door holding tightly to the key that would open it.

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5 thoughts on “Side Effects

    1. I don’t know. I kind of want there to be a part two but there is also some resistance inside of me. After I wrote it I thought, “Well, that was useless”. Thank you for commenting, makes me think maybe it wasn’t useless after all. And thank you for the complement!

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    2. Very amazing . What kind of therapist are you i wonder and i thank you for following me i will work harder at learning this site im mostly on tumblr unoineedu.tumblr.com if you really want the truth about lyme disease please add yourself to the grou USDOJ PROTEST FOR ALL ABUSED GROUP . you wont believe the evidence this lady presents . Very intelligent check it out


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