Today’s Daily Prompt: 10,000 Spoons

…When all you need is a knife might not be ironic, but it is unfortunate. Add your own verse, stanza, or story of badly-timed annoyance to Alanis Morissette’s classic:

Over a period of four years I went to eighteen doctors at several leading health institutions. I took buckets of pharmaceuticals and had two surgeries that didn’t help. I had two cervical steroid injections, five Ketamine infusions, two MRI’s, multiple X-rays, lab tests, EMG testing and a Cat scan. I lost my job as a health care provider, my health insurance, and my professional reputation, not to mention thousands of dollars in medical costs. And all I got was this T-shirt.


That’s a little bit ironic

Don’t cha’ think?

Bitten: 2008 (at least once)

Diagnosed: 2014


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: 10,000 Spoons of Lyme Irony

  1. Did I miss something or do you have a blog on what your healing journey was after diagnosis? Did you heal completely? I just finally gave into the diagnosis after years and years of treating so many different (yet related) “problems” unsuccessfully. I am scared and don’t know what route to go down!!


    1. You didn’t miss anything, my healing journey is just barely beginning. I struggled with accepting the diagnosis and still do. It is difficult and overwhelming because there are so many choices and so much information and so many contradictions. The unfortunate part is that a good (expensive) Lyme Literate doctor you decide to trust is the key to anyone’s treatment. There must be someone at the helm because the illness impairs our ability to think clearly, the anxiety makes it difficult to make decisions, and the stress of dealing with multiple unexplained symptoms wears us down. This must be the first important decision a person with Lyme must make. But don’t let the anxiety allow you to avoid making a decision. It seems most everyone diagnosed with Lyme has already travelled a difficult medical journey trying to find out what has been making them sick. Most have been dismissed by the medical profession which erodes their self esteem. It’s natural to want to give up after such a long journey. This is the most important time not to. If you have Lyme you have a disease that is complicated to treat. It’s natural to be scared. All of us with Lyme are scared. Anxiety is a symptom of the illness and a result of the way Lyme levels a persons life. I hope you can take comfort in some shared experience.


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